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Luxembourg Gardens even more beautiful with this app 

Wow this is fantastic. I am really enjoying this. I got chills just reading about Alexander Dumas and the Pantheon.

Tour de Force! 

This tour is perfect for a spring walk through Paris. What an incredible lens through which to experience this magical city. Thank you for making my perfect Parisian dream come true!


Enjoy the Spring air with an art tour of the Luxembourg Gardens. Impressionist Paris: Walking Tour 3 starts near the Panthéon and finishes in Paris' most beloved park, the Luxembourg Gardens. Compare Impressionist paintings to photos of what the scene looks like today, while learning about art history and Parisian history. Van Gogh, Sargent, Degas, Lépine and Grant Wood are just a few of the painters on this Impressionist Walk.

* Additional list of local Favorites gives you an insider advantage. Cafés, bookstores, bistros, patisseries, and points of interest are noted throughout the Walking Tour so you can either take a break or stock up for a picnic in the park.

* Fully downloaded, with optional offline map; you can roam the streets without roaming fees.

* New feature: toggle to satellite view in the map.

* "Your Paris" photo album that lets you replace contemporary city pictures with your own pics and save them.

The iPhone Apps "Impressionist Paris" are based on the acclaimed book, "Guide to Impressionist Paris," by Patty Lurie. Bon Voyage!

Artists include: Van Gogh, Sargent, Degas, Lépine, Grant Wood, Jongkind, Prendergast

Impressionist Paris: Walking Tour 3:

Panthéon to the

Luxembourg Gardens